Apni Pathshala

Fix Education’s Gaps: Top Needs EdTech Must Solve

Apni pathshala  Unmet educational needs which EdTech entrepreneurs need to address Our education system is a mess, and everyone seems to be paralysed into inactivity because it seems to be a wicked problem. The secret is to focus on one specific problem at a time – an unmet need – and provide the best possible solution for tackling this. STUDENTS High quality reliable updated content which is simple and clear The freedom to chart their own learning journey No compulsion in being forced to study topics they don’t care about Prompt feedback Doubt solving Help when they are stuck Mastery-based learning certifications to document their understanding Markers of progress Content mapped to their personal interests and learning styles Customised teaching so they can learn at their own pace Adult supervision Friends to teach and to learn from Quizzes to test them Flashcards for review prior to exams Previous test papers for exam prep Coaching for life skills Mentoring for career skills Extra-curricular activities Parents Involvement in their children’s learning Proof that they are making progress High exam marks so they can get into a college of their choice Career counselling Affordable fees Trusted competent responsible teachers as experts to guide their children Teachers Respect from students, parents and management Freedom to teach in the way they want Freedom from clerical tasks and administrative trivia Access to new technology to amplify their impact Recognition for their efforts Competitive salaries Conclusion: Our education system has room for improvement. By focusing on unmet educational needs, EdTech entrepreneurs can create innovative solutions that empower students, engage parents, and support teachers. From personalized learning experiences to effective feedback loops, EdTech has the potential to revolutionize education and unlock the potential of every learner. This article highlights some key unmet needs, but it’s not exhaustive. As the education landscape evolves, EdTech will continue to identify and address new challenges. By working together, educators, entrepreneurs, and policymakers can create a future where learning is engaging, effective, and accessible to all. Designed by Pranav Gorathe Leave a Reply Cancel reply Logged in as wp_user. Edit your profile. Log out? Required fields are marked * Message*