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We want our PCs to be used in learning pods which are community based digital learning centres, open to everyone, that share their lessons online by creating a website, and making sure that every student has their own website. This has a ripple effect and amplifies impact.
Our interns will be happy to hand hold during the process, and provide any technical assistance they need.

Why should you start an Apni Pathshala Pod in your community?

A child without a computer today,
a citizen without opportunities tomorrow.

A majority of children growing up in India today do not have access to computers – we at Apni Pathshala hope to change this by helping build 100 Apni Pathshala Pods across the country, where any child from any social or economic background can freely walk-in and acquire skills and knowledge to operate a computer and use it to acquire professional skills, in a safe, positive and encouraging environment.

Those who run an Apni Pathshala Pods often tell us, that setting an Apni Pathshala Pod was one of the best ways to give back to their respective communities and one of their greatest learning experiences.

Teaching has always been considered as one of the best ways to learn and equipping the kids of today with the skills of tomorrow can be really rewarding. Apni Pathshala also encourages Pods to monetise their facility if feasible.

All Apni Pathshala Pods also get access to an ever growing national network of leaders, educationists, activists, organisations, public servants and government officials who collaborate and collectively help deliver critical skills, training and know-how to thousands of young Indians, every day.

Why should you start an Apni Pathshala Pod in your community?

To start a new Apni Pathshala pod is simple. Here below is a check-list of qualifiers that we check for in our due diligence:

1) Pod Space:

You need to have at-least 200 sq feet of space either owned or rented by you or your organisation.

Selligion Praho 2

7) Electrical Sockets:

2x electrical sockets per computer (1x for Monitor and 1x for the CPU) – Even extension cords will do.

8) Internet:

You should have at least 10 Mbps internet connection on the premise to help support the computers.

2) Electricity:

At least 6 hours during the day time.

3) Access and Safety:

Located ideally on the ground or first floor with ample space for movement and windows for proper air ventilation.

4) Infrastructure:

You need to have tables, chairs and electrical sockets in place to help deploy the computers immediately.

5) Tables:

Standard Tables with at least 2 sq feet of surface area per computer. Chairs: Comfortable chairs for children to sit, while using the computers.

6) Chairs:

Comfortable chairs for children to sit, while using the computers.

9) Expertise:

You need to have at least one person in your team who is comfortable around computers – can un-box and install new machines – can share regular updates, videos and images from your Pod.

10) Website and Social Media Presence:

We also expect all Apni Pathshala Pods to maintain a website (a simple one pager blog will also do) and social media handles on Twitter and Instagram. This helps the Apni Pathshala pods share their learnings and build in public.

Why should you start an Apni Pathshala Pod in your community?

Want to equip a new Apni Pathshala with all the computing tools needed to deliver a world class learning and up-skilling experience for their students. We also want to ensure that a new Apni Pathshala Pod kickstarts operations from the day the computers and peripherals are delivered.

Our offer is simple. If you qualify and get through our due diligence – we ship the following to you:

Please Note

We deliver desktop machines along with peripherals. These are made in India. Educational computers are from www.selligion.com.

These machines are not a donation – we deliver them for a period of 12 months and the machines are generally picked back up in case any of the pods fail to deliver the necessary levels of learning and skill upgradation in their respective communities.

Our delivery process involves several steps:

- Conducting a telephonic interview with potential Apni Pathshala Pod leaders to assess their capacity and commitment to running the learning pod.

- Completion of a KYC form to confirm personal details of the Pod lead and organizational information.

- Final approval from Dr. Aniruddha Malpani following the KYC verification.

- Delivery of the computers to the approved Pods.

We cannot fulfill delivery requests if:

- The Apni Pathshala Pod lacks a website.

- The Apni Pathshala Pod has no presence on social media platforms.

- The Apni Pathshala Pod lacks necessary infrastructure such as benches, chairs, and internet connection at the proposed learning center.

All active Pods maintain close communication with our team, providing regular updates on their activities. Our team is committed to supporting and ensuring that education and learning opportunities reach those who may not have access to computers otherwise. We encourage all pods to share their experiences publicly to inspire others to join this initiative.

If you want to start an ApniPathshala and meet our requirements, please email Dr Aniruddha Malpani at malpani@apnipathshala.org