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Innovative Educational Practices Unveiled at the Learnscape Summit

On 25th June 2024, our team had the privilege of attending the Learnscape Summit led by the Barefoot organization. This event was a treasure trove of insights into innovative educational practices, showcasing multiple programs that could revolutionize the way we approach education.

About Unifly Organization

Unifly is a nonprofit organization dedicated to collaborating with principals and teachers, who they refer to as School Leaders. Their primary operations are based in Delhi and Mumbai, where they strive to create interactive and engaging classroom environments. Rather than focusing on tech-related solutions and traditional curricula, Barefoot emphasizes hands-on and community-centric approaches. Their methods include painting numbers and tables on walls, and displaying maps on doors to make learning more tangible and accessible.

Key Observations

One of the most striking aspects of Unifly approach is its community-centric and impactful nature. Unlike other organizations, Barefoot uses specific terminology such as cohorts, school leaders, and clubs to foster a sense of community and collaboration. Instead of providing alternative learning solutions, they address gaps within the existing educational system by volunteering in schools and assisting teachers with extracurricular activities.

Highlighted Projects and Initiatives

Unifly dedication to innovation is evident through several key projects and initiatives:

Project BALA (Building as Learning Aid)

Project BALA connects individuals from various professions, transforming them into school leaders. Some participants even become educators. This project is known for its creative teaching methods, such as painting walls to teach history and grammar. It exemplifies how learning can be made more interactive and enjoyable.

Innovative Pitching and Competition System

Barefoot has introduced an innovative competition system for school principals with groundbreaking ideas to develop their schools. Winners receive funding to implement their ideas, fostering a spirit of innovation and practical implementation. This concept is something that Apnipathshala could potentially adopt to enhance its impact.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

The STEAM initiative involves an innovative tinkering lab system designed to teach these subjects in a practical and engaging manner. By incorporating hands-on activities, students can better grasp complex concepts and develop a love for learning.

Pehli Shikshak Maa

This initiative emphasizes the critical role of parents, especially mothers, in the education system. It encourages parental involvement and recognizes the influence of a supportive home environment on a child’s educational journey.

Project Pioneer and Thoughtful Thinking

Thoughtful Thinking is an initiative that introduced the concept of a parent and student report card. This allows parents to report on their child’s personal growth, while students reflect on their progress. It’s a holistic approach to tracking development, fostering self-awareness and parental engagement.


The Learnscape Summit provided us with numerous innovative ideas and practices that we can integrate into our own programs at Apnipathshala. By adopting similar strategies, we can enhance our impact and further support the development of schools and educators. The event highlighted the importance of community-centric approaches, creative teaching methods, and parental involvement in education.

Meeting with Barefoot Co-founders

During the summit, we had the opportunity to meet with the co-founders of the Barefoot organization. A follow-up meeting is tentatively scheduled with Johnathan, one of the co-founders, to discuss potential collaborations and gain further insights. This meeting holds the promise of strengthening our partnership and sharing best practices.

Action Items

To make the most of the insights gained from the Learnscape Summit, we have outlined several action items:

  1. Discuss the possibility of implementing a competition system for innovative school principals within Apnipathshala.
  2. Consider introducing the concept of parent and student report cards to better track personal and academic growth.
  3. Plan how we can learn the implementation of Pehli Shikshak Maa and other innovative ideas represented at the summit.

By taking these steps, we can ensure that Apnipathshala remains at the forefront of educational innovation, supporting schools and educators in meaningful and impactful ways.

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Breakthrough Teaching Strategies at Learnscape Summit