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Learning in the Shadows: The Struggle for Quality Education in Maharashtra's Zilla Parishad Schools

Challenges Faced by Zilla Parishad Schools in Maharashtra

Low Skilled courses

1. Decline in Student Enrollment

Impact on Budget and Planning
The decrease in student numbers has resulted in significant challenges for Zilla Parishad Schools in Maharashtra. With fewer students enrolled, the budget allocated to these schools has seen a decline, impacting the overall planning and quality of education provided.


2. Lack of Access to Technology

Implications for Learning and Development
It is alarming to note that only 20% of Zilla Parishad School students have access to the internet. This lack of technology hinders their learning and development, putting them at a disadvantage compared to students who have access to digital resources.

3. Quality of Teaching

Efforts to Enhance Teaching Quality
Recent warnings of wage cuts for teachers in Zilla Parishad Schools highlight the struggle to maintain quality teaching standards. Efforts are being made to enhance teaching quality, but more support is needed in this area.

Teaching Quality

4. Lack of Skilled Courses

Impact on Future Opportunities
The absence of skill development programs in Zilla Parishad Schools limits students’ future opportunities. Without access to specialized courses, students may not be fully equipped to pursue career paths that require specific skills.

5. Institutional Support

Need for Structural Support
Students in Zilla Parishad Schools face various challenges that require institutional support. Structural improvements and additional resources are essential to create a conducive learning environment for these students.

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Zilla Parishad Schools in Maharashtra face numerous challenges, including declining enrollment, limited technology access, and a lack of skilled courses. This has resulted in decreased funding, hindered learning, and limited future opportunities for students. These schools require structural improvements, additional resources, and strong teacher support to create a quality learning environment and bridge the educational gap.

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Individuals can support Apni Pathshala’s initiatives by volunteering, donating resources, or spreading awareness about the organization’s work.

Apni Pathshala aims to continue expanding its reach in Maharashtra and across India, with a focus on promoting quality education and empowering students in Zilla Parishad Schools.

Apni Pathshala has provided essential resources such as technology, internet access, and educational courses to Zilla Parishad Schools, making a significant difference in the lives of students and teachers.

By addressing the challenges faced by Zilla Parishad Schools and offering innovative solutions, Apni Pathshala is paving the way for a brighter future for education in Maharashtra. Join us in supporting this transformative journey towards inclusive and engaging learning experiences for all students.

"Lack of skill development programs restricts students' future opportunities"

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Learning in the Shadows: The Struggle for Quality Education in Maharashtra’s Zilla Parishad Schools