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7Cs of Education on APNI PATHSHALA

Today’s students will lose out on the future if we continue educating them the way we did yesterday. 

How can we, as educators and parents in the twenty-first century, best prepare children for a future that includes jobs that don’t yet exist, professions that haven’t been created, and a world marked by extreme change and unimaginable transformation?

How can we impart the knowledge and abilities necessary for them to thrive as responsible citizens leading fulfilling lives in the worlds of 2030 or 2050?

Let’s learn more about Apni Pathshala’s 7 Cs of Education, which can revolutionize the educational system and prepare students for the future.

1. Curriculum

Each person is unique. The enormous variety of students who fill classrooms demonstrates this notion very clearly. We observe one child developing a taste for science and another displaying musical potential. Each person learns and achieves in their own unique way. If this is undeniably true, why do schools still educate their kids as if they are all the same? Students are more likely to stay interested in the topic if the curriculum is tailored to their requirements and permits them to learn at a speed that feels natural to them. At community-based learning pods, teachers can utilize individualized teaching strategies that will best help their students achieve while using a customized curriculum.

2. Content

The term “learning pod” refers to a group of students who choose to study outside of a traditional school made of bricks and mortar. But it goes beyond that. In learning pods, parents and kids collaborate to choose the educational strategy that works best for each child. You may create your own learning pod with Apni Pathshala since they can give you all the information and materials you need.

Here is a guide to setting up your community-based learning Pod, Link

3. Coaching

Parents must continue to assert their role as the primary coach in their children’s educational process – you brought them into this world after all, and they are your responsibility! Naturally, you spend a lot more time with your kids than any teacher does, and you know them far better. Being a parent and a teacher at the same time is a terrific opportunity to get to know your children. You’ll quickly discover that, as the main teacher, you have a lot more leeway to adjust and personalize their learning experience to suit the needs of your children. 

4. Customization

The fact that learning pods give students real, in-person access to loving adults who are entirely focused on their education is another advantage. Small groups allow teachers to customize lessons to each student’s interests and learning preferences, adding to the flexibility of the course. This gives kids additional chances to interact with the subject they are learning and helps them cultivate a positive attitude toward learning. Also, they get to learn from the world’s best resources, so they can pick and choose what they enjoy. Because they are learning in small groups, they can teach each other,  and this reinforces what they have learned, so they retain this better.

5. Community

Creating a learning pod with other like-minded parents can give you and your child the chance to learn with a trusted group of people in a safe environment. These relationships assist you in developing cutting-edge educational possibilities and solutions for your kids and their kids. 

6. Credit

The Learning Pod group can offer certifications based on what the child wants to learn. These include certificates from the NIOS, which is recognised by the Government, and provides both parents and the child comfort that they have the skills and certificates to succeed in real life.

7. Care

Due to their introverted characteristics, many people find it difficult to socialize and make new friends. Such children also struggle in school and interacting with their peers. In a learning pod center, there are fewer individuals they interact with, and parents may support their confidence-building efforts. Children can mingle in learning pods where they can walk about freely and possibly in a safer atmosphere than in the school.

“At Apni Pathshala, we believe in revolutionizing education by prioritizing customization, community, and care. Our 7 Cs of Education empower students to thrive in an ever-evolving world.”


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7 Cs of Education in Apni Pathshala