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Unveiling Talent: Apni Pathshala's Portfolio Making Competition Highlights

Hey there, knowledge enthusiasts! 🌟 Apni Pathshala recently organized an electrifying portfolio-making competition that brought together a whopping 56 pods, showcasing the vibrant engagement of 176 talented students. Each pod poured their creativity into creating stellar portfolios, radiating energy and enthusiasm. And guess what? We've shortlisted the Top 10 students with jaw-dropping portfolios!

Meet the Top 10 Students and Their Incredible Websites

No Student Name POD's Name Website Links
Rutuja kalke
Snehalaya Balsanvad Kendra (Maharashtra)
Tayba Fatima
Prithvi Innovations-SUR Memorial Public School (Uttar Pradesh)
Ashalata Paria
Navadha School (West Bengal)
Rohit Gautam
SUR Memorial Public School - Prithvi Innovation (Lucknow)
Arya P R
Swami Vivekananda Medical Mission (Kerela)
Abhishek Tiwari
Narayan Chandra Trust (Maharashtra)
Darshika Vadekar
Narayan Chandra Trust (Maharashtra)
Nikita Saini
Uva Jagriti Sansthan (Rajasthan)
Raja Verma
Narayan Chandra Trust (Maharashtra)
Mayank Nirmal
Rural Technical Institute (Ahmednagar)

How Will the Top 3 Winners Be Decided?

Now, the excitement peaks as we reveal the thrilling details of how the top 3 winners will be chosen. Drumroll, please! 🥁

Voting Criteria:

Instagram Likes: Each like on Apni Pathshala’s Instagram posts featuring the finalists’ websites counts as 1 point.
Twitter Retweets: Every retweet of Apni Pathshala’s tweets showcasing the finalists’ websites also contributes 1 point.
Judges’ Points: The judges have already awarded points to each finalist based on their remarkable portfolios.

Voting Process:

Only likes and retweets on Apni Pathshala’s specific posts for each finalist will be considered.
Keep an eye out for the individual posts of the finalists on Instagram and Twitter.
Your support matters! Give a thumbs up on Instagram and hit that retweet button on Twitter to back your favorite finalist.
When to Vote:
Voting kicks off tomorrow and concludes on Saturday at 6 PM. That gives you a window of 2 days to rally behind your chosen student and make them shine!

And the Grand Prize?

The top 3 winners will not only secure their spot in Apni Pathshala’s hall of fame but also bag a FULL SELLIGION PRAHO 2 – COMPUTER SET! 🖥️✨

Unveiling Talent: Apni Pathshala’s Website Making Competition Highlights