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NarayanChandraTrust's Learn From Peers Lab: Empowering Students Through Education

In our Apnipathshala, there is a POD named NarayanChandraTrust, which is one of the most successful PODs of Apnipathshala in India. In NarayanChandraTrust, there is a Computer Lab where Apnipathshala’s PCs are located, and the lab is named LearnFromPeers, also known as LFP. Now, let me tell you why NarayanChandraTrust is an amazing POD, what students are learning in NarayanChandraTrust, and why you should also learn something from this POD.

The Compassionate Initiatives of NarayanChandraTrust

So NarayanChandraTrust was started by Dr. Narayan Malpani, and initially, it was an orphanage for homeless children. About 107 children were adopted by NarayanChandra Trust, and they oversee all aspects of their lives, including their studies, home, and food. Later, they also established an old age home for elderly individuals, where currently over 45 men and women reside and are content with the services provided by NarayanChandraTrust. Additionally, NarayanChandraTrust operates a working women’s hostel, offering a safe residence for women who have moved away from home for work. NarayanChandraTrust ensures to provide them with the best facilities.

Now, for education, Narayan Chandra Trust offers two programs: the Tinkering Lab and the LearnFromPeers lab.

  1. MastiMakerLab – Masti is not a break from learning. It is endless, delightful, deep, engaging, practical learning. It’s the doorway into the child’s heart!” The aim is to enable, energize, and enhance childhood by fostering the growth of mind, body, and spirit, helping children become lifelong learners. It nurtures young minds in a culturally appropriate environment and provides opportunities for them to realize their true potential.

  2. LearnFromPeers lab – a computer lab, a POD under Apnipathshala. Now, let’s delvep into LearnFromPeers. Essentially, it’s a lab run by students for students. This initiative was started by the Narayan Chandra Trust. Initially, NCT faced many challenges with the lab, but with everyone’s readiness to help, Mr. Vijay Sarate, the director of Narayan Chandra Trust, took over the lab and provided significant assistance in its management. With the first batch of LFP, students like Sagar Tiwari, a second-year biotechnologist who now manages over four LFP classes under the Narayan Chandra Trust, and Shailendra Jaiswar, a second-year MSC Physics student, who teaches basic computers to students of GOVT School, along with Aniket Kadam, who graduated and now manages all the data of the students in LFP, a new era of LFP has commenced.

Here's what LFP has achieved so far:

With the help of Narayan Chandra Trust, in the past two years, LFP has taught overall 1300 students. Narayan Chandra Trust offers a variety of courses, comprising a total of five levels.

Level 1: Basic Computer: The Narayan Chandra Trust provides free basic computer education to every student.

Level 2: Scratch and Basic WordPress: This course primarily focuses on building the students’ minds in digital education. They create games using Scratch and develop basic websites using WordPress.

Level 3: WordPress Advanced: At this level, students learn to create amazing websites using advanced WordPress techniques. Those who excel may even secure internships.

Level 4: Advanced HTML, CSS, and Basics of JS: This level delves into pure coding concepts, where students create websites using coding languages.

Level 5: Advanced JS and React JS: This level primarily focuses on backend development, where students learn about backend technologies.

The Vibrant Community and Resources of LearnFromPeers"

Also, LFP has a set of 35+ computers, and on a daily basis, over 100 students attend classes to learn. Additionally, LearnFromPeers is very active on social media, which helps them gain visibility worldwide. They share various types of videos showcasing the activities students engage in at LFP. Moreover, LFP has a team of over 10 mentors who oversee the entire class. These mentors include Sagar Tiwari, Aniket Kadam, Pranav Gorathe, Tara Singh Rajput, Gaurav Sharma, Shailendra Jaiswar, Ritesh, Abhishek, Jaineek Patel, Sonia Singh, and Saurav Singh (NCT, LFP social media manager). All these students were once learners at NCT and are now managing the entire lab, which is why it is known as “By the student, for the students.


I hope this article will help you understand what NarayanChandraTrust actually is and the various activities taking place in the LFP Lab.

Conclusion: In conclusion, NarayanChandraTrust’s dedication to education and community support through initiatives like the LFP Lab is truly commendable. It not only provides valuable learning opportunities but also fosters a sense of empowerment among students. With its innovative programs and commitment to excellence, NarayanChandraTrust is making a significant impact on the lives of many.

NarayanChandraTrust’s LearnFromPeers Lab: Empowering Students Through Education